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Warren Water District was established by the Acts of 1920.  We continue to be a privately owned business.  The District is governed by a three member Board of Water Commissioners. The Commissioners are elected at the Annual Meeting held the 2nd, Thursday of May each year.

The Current Board of Commissioners are:

Loretta Beaudry, Clerk          David Kelly, Agent         

Cynthia Baxter, Member

MEETINGS are held at 988 Main St., Warren, MA  01083:

January 3, 2024 at 10 am
January 17, 2023 at 10 am

Night Meetings are held upon request.  To be put onto the agenda for a meeting please contact the office at least 1 week prior to the meeting date.


Monday December 25, 2023

Monday January 1, 2024

For online payments:

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